Please find below a selection of actual patient cases undertaken by the dentists at Friary Court Dental

FriaryPatientCase2Before (1) FriaryPatientCase2After (1)

Recent case of Dr Kavanaghs. Discolored root treated front tooth. Inside out bleaching of this tooth was carried out,
followed by general tooth whitening and then a new composite (white) filling.

FriaryPatientCase3Before (2) FriaryPatientCase3After (1)

A recent example of cosmetic bonding carried out by Dr Yvonne Finlay. This patient was missing lateral (side) incisors.
The canines were bonded onto to make them appear more like incisors. This was done directly in the surgery in one
appointment. An aesthetic and tooth conserving alternative to veneers or crowns.

FriaryPatientCase4Before (1) FriaryPatientCase4After (1)

Another recent case of Dr Finlays – Natural space between upper right front teeth. Full mouth whitening followed by
cosmetic bonding onto front teeth to close the space.

FriaryPatientCase5Before (1) FriaryPatientCase5After (1)

……..a hurling injury
An example of tooth bonding carried out recently by Dr. Noel Kavanagh. This is an affordable cosmetic alternative
to crowns & veneers and much less destructive to your tooth.