About us

We are a family-friendly dental practice providing caring, comprehensive general dentistry in the heart of Kilkenny City.

The practice has been serving our local community for over 20 years.We welcome children and adults of all ages and place special emphasis on prevention and utilising minimally invasive techniques.

Our aim is to treat all patients with understanding, honesty and respect.We explain everything clearly and go at a comfortable pace that suits you,being particularly sensitive to those who struggle with going to the dentist. We take great pride in the quality of care that we provide, with most of our new business generated by word of mouth. All this is carried out in a modern, pleasant and relaxing environment.

This gentle approach leads to a positive and enjoyable experience that you may find much better than you expected!! We genuinely care about our patients and look forward to helping you too.

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Why Choose Friary Court Dental and Facial Clinic?

You have a myriad of choice when it comes to picking a dentist and non- surgical cosmetic practitioner. Here are just three reasons, among many, to pick Friary Court Dental and Facial Clinic:

1. Trust & Reputation

You put your trust in us when you sit on the chair. We respect that. This trust works two ways too, for which we are very humbled. Our referral rate from existing patients to their friends and family is phenomenal, we grow our business through referrals.

2. Flexibility 

We are here when you need us. Whether you’ve a sudden problem or just need a routine check-up, we’ll see you as quickly as possible – phone straight away for an appointment. We stay late and open Saturdays, meeting you when you need us.

3. Fully Qualified Practitioners

All our practitioners hold the highest professional qualifications and are highly experienced in carrying out all of the dental and orthodontic treatments that we offer.