Rebuild Broken or Weak Teeth

A dental crown is the ideal solution for patients who have broken, damaged or weak teeth. They act as a cap on your tooth, fitting over the remaining part of a tooth. This gives it the shape and appearance of a natural tooth.

While it is an artificial tooth, any damaged or brittle areas are removed from the existing tooth, allowing the new the new crown to fit comfortably on top and making it far more durable.

Crowns are more common than you think. If you would like to talk to our specialists here at Friary Court Dental and Facial Clinic about crowns as a solution to your discoloured teeth or weakened teeth, book a consultation with us.

We’ll create a plan that suits you. You would need at least two visits, one for preparation, impression, shade-taking and fitting the temporary crown. The second would be to fit the permanent crown. We’ll book your appointments to suit your timing, your schedule, not ours.

Crowns aren’t painful so if are unhappy with your smile, this could be the ideal solution.

As with all our treatments, after care is so important. We talk you through the after care needed and as always, we are just at the other end of the phone.

If you would like to rebuild your broken or weakened teeth, please get in contact and book an appointment today.

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