The Foundation of Good Dental Health

A dental examination is the first and most common appointment in all dental practices. At Friary Court Dental and Facial Clinic, your teeth are important to us. We want you to have a smile that you’re proud of and help you prevent decay and cavities. We also advise you on the best treatment if you have decay, missing, weak or broken teeth.

It all starts with a dental examination. All our specialists are trained to put you at ease.

Our first port of call is to assess your dental and oral health, as that is the foundation of your dental health plan. Even if it’s just to floss more, a different brush technique, continue as is or advise more treatment. 

We suggest that you visit your dentist once a year. It protects your gum and oral health and can help avoid serious health complications and disease such as oral cancer. Dentists play a key role in the early detection of mouth cancer.

What happens in a dental examination?

At Friary Court Dental and Facial Clinic, our primary objective is to put you at ease. Some people are very concerned about getting onto the dental chair. They feel vulnerable but our priority is you and helping you maintain good dental health.

When you’re on the chair, this is what we look at, among others:

  • signs of dental decay or infection
  • the shade of your teeth
  • the alignment of your teeth
  • examination of your facial muscles and jaw joints
  • checks on your soft tissue such as the roof and floor of your mouth, cheek and tongue
  • your overall gum health

We care about your teeth and your smile. We want you to come back every year, happy to come back. If you suffer from anxiety about going to the dentist, we have solutions that help. Discover more about our sedation options.

Oral health is key to your overall health. It starts with the dental examination.

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We also recommend a visit to the dental hygienist as their role is different to that of a dentist.

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