The standard check-up is the simplest of all dental procedures and provides the dentist with some key information which can then be used to tailor a customised treatment plan to the individual patient.

Whether it is your first visit in years or your regular check-up and clean appointment, the basic principles remain the same. We will do a thorough check of your lips and mouth for any signs of oral cancer in our oral cancer screening, exam the jaw joint and muscles, before moving on to examining the stars of the show, your teeth and gums.

We may take some X-rays to have a more detailed look at your teeth, their roots, and the bone around them, as well as checking fillings and other past dental treatment in a variety of other investigations. 

How often we need a dental check-up is specific to each person but generally, every 6 months is advised. In this way, we can keep on top of your oral health and oral hygiene and anticipate any problems and deal with them before they arise, rather than down the line when things can get more complicated.

The check-up gives us a great foundation to form a treatment plan to get your mouth back to full fighting health. This may take a number of visits and involve different treatment options, or it may be as straightforward as a good cleaning to remove some tartar, plaque and superficial staining. 

Our aim is to make your dental check-up as comfortable and meticulous as possible to ensure you have a successful and happy experience.